5. #Hashtag's Post's Likers

#Hashtags(Likers) means, the accounts who likes the posts of your target hashtag. So it means, if you do Auto Follow automation, the bot will follow the post likers of the #hashtag feed posts. Big hashtags have a large amount of post and likers.

Info: It is different than "#Hashtags", check previous page for that.

In this FAQ, you will know how to set "#Hashtags (Likers)" as your target for automation like -> Mass Story Reactions - (Polls, Polls Sliders, Quiz, Countdowns, Mass Story View, Like Stories), Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment.

  1. Go to Reactions Pro and select Targeting.

  2. Select "#Hashtags (Likers)"

  3. Search the Hashtags in the search bar and add that to your target list

  4. ** This will allow you to use your |Hashtag feed's post likers| as your target.

  5. While selected "#Hashtags(Likers)", you can bulk add targets by clicking "Targets List" and by entering Instagram hashtags separated by comma.

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